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Leading Young Men Mentally, Physically,

Socially, & Spiritually

Located in Smithville, Tennessee, The Retreat at Center Hill Lake Campus combines hospitality with ministry to provide men, ages 18-25, who have experienced many troubles with an environment that allows them to build themselves up and achieve a healthy, independent lifestyle.

With a clear & effective program that focuses on workforce development, we are helping young men get an education, find jobs, and learn to live a life of gratitude.

Workforce Development

Our workforce development utilizes every square foot of the retreat's campus, giving residents a wide range of skills to master. These daily work projects include:

  • Grounds keeping

  • Campus Safety & Security

  • Housekeeping tasks

  • Maintenance

  • Culinary Arts

  • Woodworking

The goal of our program is to give our residents the training to earn real jobs and make a future for themselves.

For More Information, Contact:


Jonathan Hempel

Program Director

615-597-4298 ext. 318


Brian Adair

Executive Site Director