Retreats with a Purpose

When you stay at a Timothy Hill Retreat Center, you are supporting Timothy Hill's Residential Program which minsters to young people ages 10-24 who come from all over the United States. Carefull chosen professional staff provide education, vocational training, life coaching and spiritual guidance. They love, teach and guide the young people so they can restore their lives.

The unique aspect of the Retreat Centers is that they serve as vocational training sites for Timothy Hill's Residential Program. Specifically, the Retreat Centers offer direct, on-the-job training opportunities so the young people from the Residential Program can learn to serve others and gain marketable job-readiness skills.



Transforming lives through Christ's love



Operating Christ-centered residential and retreat centers

Core Values


Faith in Christ | Hospitable Communities | Authentic Relationships

The Retreat at Center Hill Lake offers warm welcomes to all, and goes above and beyond in serving your mind, body and soul. As a Timothy Hill Retreat Center, we offer beautiful environments and outdoor recreation opportunities where individuals and groups can get away from the busyness of their day-to-day lives, and find refreshment and renewal.

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