Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Ranch at Riverhead Serve?
The Ranch at Riverhead serves two different populations. The first are hard-to-place foster care youth in our group homes for ages 10-17. The second are young adults age 17-25 who are facing homelessness or incarceration, many of them having aged out of the foster care system. The Ranch provides them with homes to give them the guidance and love they need to be able to return home or become self-sufficient.

Do you only have programs for boys?
Currently, the Ranch at Riverhead has both boys and girls group home programs. Our transitional program is only for young men at this time.

How long to young people stay at the Ranch?
Typically, a young man or woman will spend 12-18 months at the Ranch at Riverhead, but length of stay varies with each case.

What do the young people do for school?
All of our residents are required to attend school if they have not yet earned their high school diploma. Some of our residents attend the local school district, but the majority attend classes in our Learning Center. There, they are able to quickly make up credits they are missing to graduate on time or earn their GED. Learn more here.

Do the residents have to work?
All of our residents that are not in school are expected to work. Vocational training is a very important aspect of all programs.They start out on work crews on-campus, doing everything from cooking meals to making campus repairs. These work crews are so important because the young people learn valuable job skils like responsibility and punctuality to prepare for jobs outside of the Ranch. Once they have proved they are ready, they can look for work off-campus.

How does someone get placed at the Ranch at Riverhead?
The Ranch at Riverhead works with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, the Department of Social Services and the Department of Corrections to provide our services to those in need. Many residents are referred by the courts, but we also accept private placements. Learn more here.