Timothy Hill Ranch

TRANSFORMATION THROUGH LOVE: Giving troubled youth and young adults a Christ-centered community where lives are renewed and restored through love.

Build a place where troubled kids could live, be loved, feel safe, and have wide open spaces to ride horses.”

Operating for over 40 years, Timothy Hill provides a safe haven for at-risk young people who are facing abuse, neglect and/or crisis. Since opening our first home in 1980, Timothy Hill has grown to operate 8 homes for youth at the Ranch at Riverhead along with two spiritual retreat centers in Tennessee and Massachusetts. At all three locations, people leave feeling refreshed, renewed and restored. Watch to learn more about how Timothy Hill transforms lives through love.

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Join us in our mission of strengthening character by modeling Christ-centered values. People of all ages and walks of life are invited!

Wonderful place to take a family vacation very family oriented atmosphere. Clean freshly remolded rooms with perfect lake views from your balcony. Beautiful hiking trails, boating and lots of outdoor activities.

When I was 13 years old, my father passed away.  I was facing depression and felt alone. Then I came to the Ranch. It has become my home and my family. I love having family dinner, praying and reading the Bible. Most importantly, we are there for each other in difficult times. My time here at the Ranch has been a blessing to me. I feel safe here and am lucky to call the Ranch home. I am forever grateful!

Renew. Restore. Refresh.

We believe that hospitality is a tangible expression of love. Whether we are welcoming people to a Retreat Center or to live with us at a Residential Center, we strive to genuinely love and serve.

Providing a safe haven in New York for at-risk young people and helping them restore their lives through a holistic approach that focuses on mind, body, & soul.

This Tennessee Retreat is ideal for individuals, families and groups who want to spend time being adventurous, growing together, or simply relaxing.

A beautiful destination in western Massachusetts for church and corporate retreats, family reunions, individual trips, and camps in Summer and Winter.