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Fern's new book, Gifts from Glory, is available for purchase now! She is so excited to share this true account of some of the prayers God has answered during her lifetime. They begin back in her childhood and continue through to present day. The book is entertaining and inspiring. It tells of the growth and expansion of God's work in transforming many young lives through prayer.

"I put the manuscript on my computer about 1:30 this afternoon, and I meant to just get a feel of the book by looking at the table of contents and format. Well, there was no stopping. I could not leave the computer until I had finished reading it. It was so mesmerizing. The time felt more like one hour instead of three. I truly could not 'put it down' I can't imagine anyone reading it without coming away with an increase in effectiveness and fervency, and likely frequency, of one's prayer life. God's people need to read Gifts from Glory." -Clara Shannon, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.



"To know Fern Hill is to stand back at some point and say, 'I just don't know how she does it.' Well, this book is the answer. Fern goes back to her beginning in Oklahoma, then young adulthood through her zealous college years and early married life, and tells us the story of her conversations with God. We see her passion, faults and failures, and ultimately the knee-bending prayers that gave her direction and buoyancy through tragedy. Gifts from Glory is the backstory to a great life." - S.J. Dahlstrom, Author of the award-winning Wilder Good book series.

Buy Fern's Book