Rashawn comes from a difficult family situation; having never met his father and his mother having to raise four children on her own.  Supervision was very limited with Rashawn’s mother working two jobs.  It wasn’t hard for Rashawn to get into trouble without her proper guidance, and eventually that trouble put him in jail at the young age of 15.  Rashawn was then put into unsuccessful foster homes which later led him to Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch.

"When I think about getting sent away from all my loved ones, it was the worst time of my life. Where I came from, life was more than hard, it was a struggle every day. I have seen so much pain. Some of my family passed away.  My family cried a lot. 

I saw other families and they had a good living. But not me. Because my family life was so hard, I struggled with school. I didn’t respect my teachers and wouldn’t listen to anyone. I started doing crimes. I see now that those crimes affected my whole life because of the mistakes I made. When I saw the world before, I never knew how hard it could really be. I thought I knew what I was doing. Getting kicked out of school was no big deal. But when I was taken away from my mom and locked up, I realized that the world has real consequences. I also realized this is why I got sent away, to better myself and start to make better decisions. You can’t see it but inside me there is a difference, now I’m going to make better choices so people don’t look at me as a bad kid. The things that changed for me was finding God and learning the lesson of being taken away from my family. How did I put it all together? I sat down and thought about it and asked myself if this was what I wanted, to be seen as a bad kid.  

By being at the Ranch, I realized that if I better myself and work to be successful in life, my life will be different in so many ways. People will not look at me wrong or see me as a bad kid. I will be loved by everyone and not just some. When I finish at the Ranch, everybody in my life will see the difference and the better choices I will make. I will not be getting sent away ever again! I will finish school and become more educated. And when I have a family someday, I will share with them what I went through, and hope they go down a different path because I do not want to see my son or daughter go down the path that I went down. And no matter what, I will explain to everyone that the Ranch made me a better person and changed my whole life!"