Jerrell & Fern Hill

Jerrell & Fern Hill


Jerry Hill grew up on a farm; and for most of his life believed he would be a farmer. However, after graduating high school he decided to go to college and become a Christian minister. Graduating from Harding University in 1957, he set out to change the world with his wife Fern, who had also graduated from Harding. They moved to Riverhead and have contributed to the community ever since; here they raised their five sons and fostered some 50 children. Fern Hill, after their son Timothy's death, became a published author to the book, "Graduation to Glory," focusing on God's influence in Timothy's life and how his dream to create a ranch for troubled children to live had became their life's work. Jerry Hill is the recipient of many awards including The Jefferson Award, several Christian Service Awards, and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Award. Both Jerry and Fern Hill love workng with young people, fund-raising, reading, preaching, and golf. The Hills also do workshops on grief, marriage, and parenting. While keeping their plates and hearts full, their main goal is to better the Long Island community and reach out to help individuals in need in all paths of life.

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