Marriage Takes Work

by Jamie Campbell
God created a woman because He saw that the man, Adam, was lonely and needed someone. These two lived in perfect harmony until they sinned... read more

Disconnect to Reconnect

by Jamie Campbell
We live in a world that is filled with a lot of noise. We are more globally connected than ever before in life, yet it seems we have more... read more

Time Waits for No Man

by Resident Blog
This week’s blog post is an essay that a current resident wrote. This resident recently graduated high school. He is now attending the... read more

Foster Care and Unemployment

by Briann Newman
Former foster care youth face many struggles after aging out of foster care. One of the biggest challenges they face is unemployment.... read more

Reasons to Go Hiking

by Briann Newman
As the summer comes to a close and we spend our last days swimming in the lake, we are looking forward to hiking the Berkshires in the... read more

Summer of Volunteers

by Briann Newman
Volunteer: a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. ... read more

Art Brings People Together

by Lynn Wohland
When a group comes together, it’s a beautiful thing. ... read more

Fun Things to Do Near the Retreat at Norwich Lake

by Briann Newman
Summer is winding down and colder weather will be here before we know it, but there is still plenty to do near the Retreat at Norwich Lake... read more

Waterfalls around Center Hill Lake

by Elizabeth Thompson
The Upper Cumberland of Tennessee is a beautiful part of the country with a uniquely diverse landscape. The ravines and ridges that... read more

Foster Care and Education

by Briann Newman
Youth in foster care have a hard time receiving a strong education due to the instability of a home life, special education needs and the... read more

Local Eats around Center Hill Lake

by Elizabeth Thompson
When you plan a getaway, you certainly don’t want it to be too much work. We offer cooking facilities in all of our accommodation options... read more

Plan Your Next Family Reunion

by Elizabeth Thompson
“Togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life” - Barbara Bush ... read more
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