We are currently hiring for our 2018 Summer Intern Staff. We are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic, friendly and hard-working young people with a genuine interest in impacting young people's lives for Christ.

To apply, fill in the application below. Please attach or e-mail appropriate documentation, such as references and resumes. We will be in touch with you shortly. ​Please call Glynn Chambers on 631 561 7831 or email at THCC101@gmail.com.

Basic Information



Work and Volunteer Experience

  • Upload a current resume:


Timothy Hill Christian Camp requires three positive references to confirm employment, one of them must be a written reference (see below). ​-For the non-written references, please provide the names and contact information for two people we can contact who can speak to your faith, work/volunteer experience, and/or any experience working with young people.

Download the written reference form here and have it e-mailed back to THCC101@gmail.com